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Title:Sixpoint Craft Ales Brewery
Category:Beer, Wine & Spirits, Breweries: Breweries
At present this brewery sells only by the keg, but tours and sampling are possible. Their beer is increasingly showing up in NYC bars and will soon be available bottled. Six points have long been associated with the craft of brewing. Since the Middle Ages, it was customary for brewers to brand their beer with a six-pointed star to signify purity and excellence. By the early twentieth century, some brewers maintained this tradition by incorporating the symbol into their logos. In the 20th century, breweries turned their focus to marketing and mass-production and neglected the traditions and customs of craft breweries. Was the legend of the six-pointed brewer’s star dead… or just dormant? Sixpoints has resurrected the legend of the six-pointed brewer’s star. Sixpoints' logo and mission is a modern interpretation of classical brewing traditions, to respect and honor the century-old traditions of craft brewing while forging ahead with new techniques, styles, and flavors.
Every Sixpoint Craft Ales recipe is derived from at least one of hundreds of individual homebrewed batches of beer. Knowing this, it is their firm conviction that homebrewers are the creative geniuses and mad scientists behind the resurgence in craft beer.
Address:40 Van Dyke Street
State:New York
Postal Code:11231

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